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Is the Charitable IRA Rollover

Right for You?

The charitable IRA rollover may be

particularly appealing if

You want to make an



to Johns Hopkins that will have

immediate impact. A charitable IRA

rollover cannot fund a life income

gift like a charitable gift annuity.

You have a required minimum

distribution, but do not need

additional, taxable income.

A charitable IRA rollover can

satisfy the requirement with a direct

transfer to Johns Hopkins.

You have maxed out your charitable

income tax deductions. An IRA

distribution operates separately from

tax rules that limit the tax benefit of

individual charitable giving.

You do not itemize your income tax

deductions. If your IRA distribution

goes directly to Johns Hopkins, the

amount of your distribution is never

considered taxable income to you

in the first place.

You reside in a state that does not

allow itemized charitable deductions.

In states that do not allow a charitable

deduction or limit the charitable

deduction, a charitable rollover from

your IRA is advantageous on the state

tax-level, even if your state does not

allow a charitable deduction.

How to Make Your Gift

Consult with your advisor to see

whether the charitable IRA rollover

is a good option for you.

Contact your IRA custodian

and instruct your custodian to

make a distribution directly to

Johns Hopkins.

Provide your IRA custodian with

our tax ID no. 52-0595110 and

contact information listed below.

Notify us that your gift is on its way

and the area of Johns Hopkins you

would like to support. You can call

us at the number below or email us



Johns Hopkins

Office of Gift Planning

San Martin Center, 2nd Floor

3400 North Charles Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21218



Charitable IRA Rollover


Individuals 70½ and older


Transfers come from traditional

IRA accounts directly to Johns

Hopkins. Retirement assets in

a 401(k) or 403(b) must first

be rolled into a traditional IRA

before contributing them

to Hopkins.


Up to $100,000 per year


Immediate impact on Johns

Hopkins. The distribution

counts toward some or all of the

required minimum distribution,

and the transfer is excluded

from a donor’s taxable income.

Also Consider:

Support Johns Hopkins’

future needs by designating

Johns Hopkins as a beneficiary

of your retirement account

and avoid the tax burden

incurred if you designate the

asset to your heirs.

Johns Hopkins does not give tax, legal,

or financial advice; please consult

your own advisor for individual advice.

The information contained in this

publication is not intended to or written

to be used, and cannot be used, for

the purpose of avoiding penalties

imposed under the Internal Revenue

Code or promoting, marketing, or

recommending to another party any

transaction or matter addressed herein.