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Claim a federal charitable
income tax deduction for the full
amount of your gift to establish a DAF
account. Gifts of cash are deductible
up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross
income. Pay no capital gains tax on
gifts of long-term appreciated securities,
which are deductible up to 30 percent
of your adjusted gross income. Unused
deductions can be used over the
five-year period after the year of your
gift. All assets donated to your account
are removed from your taxable estate.
Create one source for your
charitable giving. When you request
distributions in the form of grants
to Johns Hopkins, and if you wish, to
other qualified nonprofits, Johns
Hopkins will handle the payments and
paperwork. Decide which areas of
Johns Hopkins and other charities to
support on your own schedule.
Eliminate having to track your giving
for tax purposes. Unlike private
foundations, which require a five-
percent minimum distribution
annually, there are currently no
requirements for annual distributions
from your DAF account.
There are no start-up charges
or fees. A competitive annual
administrative fee is paid from the
account’s principal. When you are ready,
make your recommendations for grants
of at least $1,000 to approved charities.
You may make additional gifts of any
amount to your account at any time.
Professionally Invested and Managed:
Johns Hopkins University, in
conjunction with Kaspick & Company,
LLC (a subsidiary of TIAA-CREF)
will provide expert investment and
administrative services for your
account. Accounts will be invested in
one of Johns Hopkins’ standard asset
allocation mixes or in a special
cash option. Your objectives and time
horizon for your account will help
guide the investment decisions. Johns
Hopkins will manage all record
keeping and provide you with detailed
annual reports.
Contact the Office of Gift Planning
to speak with a gift planning advisor
who will be happy to discuss your
philanthropic goals and financial needs.
Our services are confidential and
collaborative, and we provide them
without obligation. We look forward to
sharing more about the Johns Hopkins
Donor Advised Fund and discussing
other philanthropic strategies.
Johns Hopkins
Office of Gift Planning
San Martin Center, 2nd Floor
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
The Johns Hopkins Donor
Advised Fund at a Glance
Minimum to open an account:
$250,000 in cash, publicly
traded securities, or other
approved assets
Minimum balance required:
Minimum for additional gifts:
Required annual distributions:
Minimum amount per grant:
Minimum of total distributions
required to Johns Hopkins:
60 percent
Frequency of distributions:
At donor’s discretion
Termination of account:
Donor’s death (or deaths of
donor and spouse) with up to
an additional 10 years if a
third-party advisor is named, or
when the balance falls below
$100,000 for two consecutive
quarters, if earlier
Investment and management:
Johns Hopkins University,
in conjunction with
Kaspick & Company, LLC
Johns Hopkins does not give tax, legal,
or financial advice; please consult
your own advisor for individual advice.
The information contained in this
publication is not intended to or written
to be used, and cannot be used, for
the purpose of avoiding penalties
imposed under the Internal Revenue
Code or promoting, marketing, or
recommending to another party any
transaction or matter addressed herein.
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