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Johns Hopkins does not give tax, legal,

or financial advice; please consult

your own advisor for individual advice.

The information contained in this

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What Will Your Legacy Be?

The Johns Hopkins Legacy

Society honors those who

secure the financial future of

Johns Hopkins University

and Medicine by making a life

income gift or a gift from

their estate. Legacy gifts play

a vital role in achieving the

goals of

Rising to the Challenge:

The Campaign for Johns


and can support any

area of Johns Hopkins.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Supplement Future Retirement Income

An attractive variation is a



an option for donors who would like to

establish a charitable remainder unitrust

now, secure an immediate income tax

deduction, but defer most of the

income payments to a future date.

Often, real estate or business interests

are donated, and held by the trustee

during the early years, generating little

or no income. When the “triggering”

event identified in the trust occurs

(such as a specified date or the sale of

the assets) the trust “flips,” the assets

are re-invested in an appropriate

portfolio, and the trust functions as a

standard charitable remainder unitrust.

Help Pay Tuition or

Other Costs for a Term of Years

You might choose either a standard

unitrust or a flip uinitrust to pay

income to your child or grandchild

with educational or other expenses for

a term of years. Again, you receive a

substantial income tax deduction when

you create the trust, and the satisfaction

of securing future funding for Johns

Hopkins when the trust terminates.

Trust Investment and Management

When Johns Hopkins serves as

the trustee, our Office of Investment

Management and the Board of

Trustees Committee on Investments,

in partnership with Kaspick &

Company, oversee the investment and

management of the trust. Johns

Hopkins has a track record of strong

investment returns. Your benefits

include timely payments, preparation of

annual tax documents, and informative

reporting, elimination of the investment

and administrative burden associated

with the trust, and shared interest in the

success of the trust.

Contact Us

Contact the Office of Gift Planning

to speak with a gift planning advisor

who will be happy to discuss your

philanthropic goals and financial needs,

and to create a sample charitable

remainder unitrust illustration based

on your specific situation.

Johns Hopkins

Office of Gift Planning

San Martin Center, 2nd Floor

3400 North Charles Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21218




Your gift


Tax deduction +

Variable Income


comes to us