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“Investing in Johns Hopkins really means investing in the
students. They’re going to be doing bigger and better
things than even we can imagine, and helping them do
those things gives us a great deal of satisfaction.”
Sue, SPH ’68, and Tim, A&S ’48, SPH ’54, Baker
When Sue and Tim Baker, both Johns
Hopkins graduates and professors, sold
their house, they donated the proceeds
to Johns Hopkins to fund a charitable
gift annuity. This type of gift allows
them to receive regular payments for
the rest of their lives while supporting
Johns Hopkins’ future scholars. Like
the Bakers, you may be considering
ways to fulfill your philanthropic goals
while exploring options for income.
A Johns Hopkins charitable gift
annuity (CGA) can provide payments
to you or others for life, with the
remainder to benefit any area of Johns
Hopkins you designate.
benefIts of a cGa
Guaranteed, fixed quarterly payments
for life
An immediate income tax deduction
for a portion of your gift
Part of the annuity payment is
If funded with appreciated securities,
pay no upfront capital gains tax, and
part of the annuity payment is taxed
at the capital gains rate
Options for payments to start
immediately or in the future
The satisfaction of securing the
future of Johns Hopkins
How It worKs
In return for your gift of $10,000 or
more, Johns Hopkins creates a CGA
contract, invests the funds, and pays up
to two beneficiaries (including you if
you wish) fixed income for life based on
the ages of the beneficiaries. Income
beneficiaries must be at least age 60 for
payments to begin, and payments can
start immediately or be deferred. At the
passing of the last beneficiary, the
remaining funds support the area of
Johns Hopkins that you select.
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