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Planning Your Bequest
Our professional staff in the Office
of Gift Planning will partner with you
to create a bequest that complements
your overall estate and financial
planning. Consider:
What you wish to support—the
school or area of Johns Hopkins
that will benefit from your gift
and its specific purpose, if any, such
as academic and research programs,
scholarships or faculty support
What you will give—cash, appreci-
ated securities, real estate, or other
tangible personal property; a specific
dollar amount or asset; or a
percentage of the remainder of your
estate or retirement plan
How you will create your bequest—
through a new will or living trust,
modifying your present will or living
trust or designating Johns Hopkins as
a remainder beneficiary of your
retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or
403(b), IRA, insurance policy, or
donor advised fund.
Contact Us
Because of the number of schools and
divisions of Johns Hopkins, its many
departments, and its multiple funding
opportunities, we encourage you or
your attorney to contact us to assist
with the wording of your bequest
before your documents are finalized.
We want to ensure your bequest
supports the areas of Johns Hopkins
that are meaningful to you.
If you have already created a bequest
for Johns Hopkins, please let us know.
We want to thank you and review your
bequest wording to make sure your
wishes are met, and to welcome you to
the Johns Hopkins Legacy Society.
Johns Hopkins
Office of Gift Planning
San Martin Center, 2nd Floor
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Consider Retirement Assets for
Your Bequest to Johns Hopkins
Retirement funds left to
individual heirs can get levied
with heavy income and estate
taxes, possibly exceeding 70
percent. (It may be more tax
efficient to designate other
assets to heirs through your will
or trust.) If you name Johns
Hopkins as the partial or entire
remainder beneficiary of your
retirement fund, no taxes are
taken out. Simply obtain the
beneficiary designation form
from your plan administer, add
Johns Hopkins, and send the
form back to your administrator
and a copy to us.
Johns Hopkins does not give tax, legal,
or financial advice; please consult
your own advisor for individual advice.
The information contained in this
publication is not intended to or written
to be used, and cannot be used, for
the purpose of avoiding penalties
imposed under the Internal Revenue
Code or promoting, marketing, or
recommending to another party any
transaction or matter addressed herein.
What Will Your Legacy Be?
The Johns Hopkins Legacy
Society honors those who
secure the financial future of
Johns Hopkins University and
Johns Hopkins Medicine by
making a life-income gift or
a gift through their estate.
Legacy gifts play a vital role
in achieving the goals of
Rising to the Challenge:
The Campaign for Johns
Hopkins and can support any
area of Johns Hopkins.
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