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Bequests and Estate Plan Gifts:
The Enduring Gift that Costs Nothing Today
“I have a deep connection with the university, so
putting Johns Hopkins in my will was natural for me.
It’s tantamount to saying, ‘Hopkins, you’re a member
of my family.’”
Paula E. Boggs Esq., A&S ’81
“I am proof of what Johns Hopkins has done and of
the lives saved. Including Hopkins in my will is my way
to give back, to say, ‘thank you.’”
Harvey Sherzer, friend and former patient
Like Paula Boggs and Harvey Sherzer,
many generous donors have made
bequests to secure the future of Johns
Hopkins. With her bequest, Paula
Boggs, a Johns Hopkins University
alumna, trustee, and co-chair of the
Johns Hopkins Legacy Society, ensures
the fellowship named for her father
endures for generations of graduate
students. A 16-year prostate cancer
survivor and grateful patient, Harvey
Sherzer, along with his wife, Susan,
have made a lasting commitment
to advancing prostate cancer research
at the Brady Urological Institute by
including Johns Hopkins in their wills.
types and Benefits of Bequests
A bequest is a statement in a will or
living trust describing one’s wishes to
make a charitable gift. It is also
common to make similar charitable
designations through a retirement plan,
life insurance policy, or donor advised
fund. With your bequest, you can
Help secure the continued success
of Johns Hopkins
Determine the amount and ultimate
purpose of your gift
Maintain lifetime control of
your assets
Provide tax savings for your estate
and heirs
Modify your bequest at any time
to address changing circumstances
Impact of Your Bequest
You, too, may choose to make a bequest
to Johns Hopkins—a philanthropic
gift that costs you nothing today and
connects your legacy with Johns
Hopkins. You can direct your bequest
to any area of Johns Hopkins University
and Medicine. Your bequest can
augment your current giving, support
Johns Hopkins’ future needs, and even
establish an endowed fund to honor a
loved one. Your commitment will be
included in
Rising to the Challenge:
The Campaign for Johns Hopkins,
historic fundraising campaign focused
on advancing discovery and creativity,
enriching the student experience, and
solving global problems.
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