The Enduring Gift that Costs Nothing Today

"I am proof of what Johns Hopkins has done and of the lives saved. Including Hopkins in our wills is a way to say, 'thank you.'"
--Harvey Sherzer, prostate cancer survivor
Johns Hopkins Legacy Society member

Through their ongoing and future giving to the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute, Harvey Sherzer and his wife, Susan, have made a lasting commitment to advancing prostate cancer research at Johns Hopkins. Many supporters have made bequest commitments to secure the future of Johns Hopkins. A bequest can be accomplished in many ways and can be funded with assets such as cash, publicly traded securities, and real estate.

Types of Bequests

  1. Bequest from Your Will or Trust: Give to Johns Hopkins without affecting your cashflow during your lifetime. (Sample Bequest Language)
  2. Gift of Retirement Plan: The balance of your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to Johns Hopkins than to your heirs.
  3. Gift of Life Insurance Policy: Avoid potential estate taxes and make a significant gift.

Information Sheets

Ways to Give

Bequests and Estate Plan Gifts:
The enduring gift that costs nothing today
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Sharing Your PlansSharing Your Plans:
Make Your Wishes Known and Get More Out of Giving
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