Gifts That Provide Income

Did you know there are ways to support Johns Hopkins that don't affect your current lifestyle or your family's financial security?

  • You can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can make a gift that leaves your cash flow and current financial planning unchanged.
  • You don't have to use cash to make your gift: you can "buy low and give high" by making your gift with appreciated securities instead.
  • You can gift an asset you no longer need or want.

Gift of Appreciated Securities
The IRS allows its most significant tax breaks for gifts of appreciated securities.

Gifts from Your Will or Trust
Give to Johns Hopkins without affecting your cashflow during your lifetime. (Sample Bequest Language)

Bequest from your Retirement Plan
The balance of your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to Johns Hopkins than to your heirs.

Gifts of Real Estate
Make a substantial gift to Johns Hopkins through a transfer of residential, commercial, or undeveloped real estate.

Retained Life Estate
Receive a large deduction by donating a residence while retaining the right to live there for life.

Gifts of Personal Property
Donate books, artwork or equipment and secure an income tax deduction.

Gifts of Life Insurance

  • New Policy - You can fund a future gift for us and deduct premium payments.
  • Paid-Up Policy - Give us a policy whose coverage you no longer need.
  • Gift Replacement - Create a life-income gift for yourself; create an irrevocable insurance trust to restore the value of your gift to benefit your heirs.

Gifts of Partnership Interests
Support Johns Hopkins by transferring an interest in a real estate or oil-and-gas partnership.

Gifts of Business Interests
Give Johns Hopkins an interest in a closely-held or family business.