Johns Hopkins Donor Advised Fund:

The Details

The Johns Hopkins Donor Advised Fund allows you to manage your charitable giving simply and efficiently. Our donor advised fund gives you and your family the flexibility to recommend support for Johns Hopkins programs as well as to other charitable organizations.

With a fully deductible gift of $250,000 or more in cash, securities or property to Johns Hopkins, you can create a donor advised fund account in your name or in the name of a loved one. You then recommend distributions from your account both for Johns Hopkins programs and to other charitable organizations, on your own timetable no more year-end rush. You can involve family members in the process or give them the right to recommend distributions, encouraging them to become responsible philanthropists themselves.

You incur none of the legal, administrative or reporting requirements with a donor advised fund that you do with a private foundation. Neither start-up nor ongoing administrative fees are charged. Meanwhile, the assets in your account are growing tax free. Johns Hopkins administers the fund, writes the checks and makes the distributions in the account's name. You receive documentation of all distributions made within each period and statements on the balance of your account.

We review your recommendations for distributions and approve them unless they would benefit you or your family, or an organization whose values are in conflict with those of Johns Hopkins.

At least 60 percent of the annual distributions must support Johns Hopkins projects of your choice. Similarly, should you or your heirs terminate the account, at least 60 percent of the principal balance must be directed to Johns Hopkins projects. You can make additional gifts to your account at any time.

If you are a hands-on donor, consider the flexibility and practicality of a donor advised fund.